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a woman standing in front of a store

Reem Hadir

Chef & Founder

Born in Beirut Lebanon in the midst of the Lebanese civil war, to a family of restauranteurs. Due to the constant unrest that was taking place at the time, the family made a decision to move to Canada for a better future for her and her sibling. After moving to Canada at the young age of 14, Chef Reem began working helping her father many days after school in their family restaurant. She developed a passion for cooking with an attention to detail. she always had a dream of owning her own restaurant one day but never thought it would be in the USA. At the young age of 20 Reem traveled to Connecticut to settle with her Husband and start growing a family. Being a young housewife and a mother for few years prior to opening her restaurant she was challenged to raise her first born and help her husband in his previous business ventures. Chef Reem soon realized that her cooking and skills in whipping a 5 course meal without any prior planning from items available in her pantry pushed her to be where she is at today. At the young age of 24 she opened her first restaurant and the rest is HISTORY...